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Thread: Crane Toilet - flushing problem

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    Default Crane Toilet - flushing problem

    We have been having some recent problems lately with our Crane toilet. Periodically it gets backed up and yes we do have a plunger on had at all times. I live in a condo and the plumbing contractor told us it could be the sewer backing up. We had it snaked not to long ago by an independent plumber and the problem goes away but then it starts up again and the problem still persists. The independent plumber actually put his had in the toilet and said the pipe seems to be on an incline versus a decline and that could be the problem. Does that mean the toilet design is flawed? Or the pipe not installed correctly? After about a half hour of plunging we can typically get it to flush properly.

    I have read through some of the threads and see Crane as being infamous for these types of problems. Do anyone know if there was a recall on these toilets or does anyone have the model numbers for those Crane toilets they replaced? Would you recommend that we just replace the toilet?

    Given that the condo was recently built in the last year, I cant believe its a sewer problem. By the way the condo is in Chicago and I also read that Crane has a big supplier there. The plumbing supplier was Franks Mechanical.

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    I can't figure out what you said. Doesn't make sense to me. But at least you could auger the toilet out...

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    What part of the pipe is on an incline?

    As P-1 said, you can auger the toilet. Maybe you (or the dog) dropped something in the toilet and it's still lodged in the trap. If augering doesn't help, you can remove the toilet and snake from that point. If that doesn't work, then the problem is further down in the sewer line.

    Flushing tampons can also cause periodic backups. I've pulled several toilets only to find little strings caught on the toilet flange.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by "augering"? I know for a fact that we do not flushing anything out of the ordinary in the toilet, no tampons, pet waste, etc. Just human waste and toilet paper. Should we replace the toilet?

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    There is a special auger for toilets. It's a hollow pipe with several feet of sturdy snake wire inside. It's an absolute must to use this in order to clean out the trap and the first few feet of pipe. It will also tell you if something's lodged in the trap, in which case you may need to pull the toilet to get it out.
    Here's a picture:
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    If you have to plunge this toilet frequently, I'd suggest you consider a new Toto. My guess is, when your condos were built, the contractor went with a low cost "builder" model toilet. These are usually prone to problems, that's why they're cheap.


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