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Thread: Low Pressure in Shower

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    Default Low Pressure in Shower

    I installed a new shower head in my bathroom recently. We now have little or no pressure. In fact on 3 of the 5 settings on the head the water drips out. I thought I might have a bad head so I returned it to the store and exchanged it for another. Same results. I put the old head back on and had plenty of pressure. What am I doing wrong.

    Thanks for your help!!!


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    Your old head is probably not a water saver like all the fixtures you buy today. There are ways to make some of these new heads flow better and some will be destroyed by trying.


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    Default Low Pressure in Shower

    I stay in alot of hotels and this is always a problem. I just take the head off look down into it if you see a colored piece of plastic with a o ring in it its the water saver. Just stick a screw driver in there and pop it out. You may have to take the screen airator out first before you see it. Ive also seen some with just a realy small hole in it just take a drill bit and drill it out. I used a 1/4 inch and it worked fine. Just be carefull not to drill it too big you might drill through the side. .

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    Default I found a great showerhead!

    I live in Maine and have a well. My water pressure has always been bad. My wife and my children have always complained that they can not rinse the soap off their skin or the shampoo out of their hair. I think that I bought and tried every shower head that I could ever find in every home center and hardware store in New England. They were all junk!!! Finally I found the solution at a small home show in Portland. A company was there that specializes in shower heads for low water pressure. Their name was Water Management in Boston, MA, and their website address is TAKEASHOWER.COM. They sold me a shower head that worked so well with my low water pressure that it almost felt like we had drilled another well. IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Unlike all the other shower heads we bought this one actually worked. If you are suffering from low water pressure you MUST visit this website. I only wish that I had found this company 10 years ago when I first moved to Maine because I would have eliminated a decade of suffering in the shower for me, my wife and my family.


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