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Thread: Is there a class action lawsuit against Kitec piping?

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    Talking Zurn --pex Lawsuit

    If it was not already known,
    or If I have already posted this... sorry

    the Zurn brand of PEX
    now has a class action lawsuit against it......

    something to do with the crimp fittings comming agapt....

    Zurn is sold at LOWES, and some supply houses....and I guess it is jsut not holding up well

    the only type of pex that I trust is WIRSBO with the
    plastic expansion clamp rings..... it appers to be about
    the absolute best on the market.

    Rancher.....Ki-tech is considered pex, but it has an allinimum inner core....
    between an outer and innner pex cover.... I have used a little of it,
    and it bends something like soft copper would and stays as you bend it...

    I dont like it...at all..

    The Wirsbo and other pexes are some sort of cross linked polymer
    just solid plastic pipe....

    goto thier web site if you want the chemical breakdown


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