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Thread: Is there a class action lawsuit against Kitec piping?

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    Default Here's an ideal world Gary

    An ideal world that mickey's situation never existed to begin with.

    An ideal world that this house doesn't have holes galore to see the piping in his walls

    An ideal world that the mfg of this piping SHOULD of tested their materials before gloating its promise of everything great and now the thousands of people are suffering from that choice.

    In your ideal world gary you would probably tell mickey to go ahead and pull those pipes into position, stretching them to use a new fitting to connect two or three pipes back together.

    Another bad scenario grows from that as well. The proper workmanship you mention would not include stretching those pipes to meet each other to say lets replace a tee. Pulling that pipe tighter will create the issue of thermal expansion if there is no "give" to the pipe and now when hot water goes through the piping, it's pulling on that new connection.


    The correct application for Mickey's dilemma would be to use 4 connections, not 1 like before at a tee intersection of a line. 3 couplings and 1 tee so that the piping is not strained or pulled together to make that next connection.

    Explain to me and the internet world gary how this is acceptable for someone who has a house with this piping system to go after 4 connections to 1 if they want it done right. Every time you add more connections to any piping system, the cost and the possibility of leaks grows.

    Here's what the public is not aware of regarding these systems:

    Certain PEX mfg. are already out of business.....quit making their product and even though it was installed...there is no way to sue them if and when it fails. < How would you like to be waiting for that ticking time bomb to go off...and not know of the situation?

    "Other" companies from a profit endeavor are trying to make products (crimp rings for example) to make up for what this once been company produced.

    System failures have been proven in hydronic systems (see link above)

    Makes no sense how the plastic industry passes off a product before thoroughly tested. OTHERWISE THESE LIABILITY ISSUES WOULDN"T EXIST

    I'm going to try to get an association of condo owners to join this thread who had a plumber in my area plumb their units with QEST PEX piping.

    Static pressure to the unit is 75 pounds, large thermal expansion tank at the meter group. All piping was installed per say code.

    Riddled with leaks, breaks are common monthly...the product is tearing open like it is ripping open longways in 1"-4" openings. It happens randomly throughout the home and the mfg. of the product AND the state plumbing committee who approved this garbage hasn't identified it's problem source.

    In the meantime the condo owners are suffering with the ongoing charges mounted by the plumbers,

    no class action lawsuit or "BIG MONEY" as gary wants you to think is motive even exists at this point,

    The homeowners, like some of you have joined and tons of you who have viewed this thread now and in the future are in a similar situation.

    It all equates to cost savings the builder/plumber assumed was in the best interest of all......and it wasn't.

    There are "those" who will try to discredit any of the bad things plastic water line systems produce.....that is why there is opposition to the reality of why this thread exists. That's fine. The "truth" is that there are tons of innocent victims that have issues with their plumbing system thanks to corporate decisions all the way down to the supplier then the plumber who installed this piping system that is KILLING the reputation of this so called good product.

    PB, BLUE MAX, PEX < All plastic piping systems...now they are all combined with legal issues stemming from its use.

    And these "victims" shouldn't have emotion? pfffft! Tell that to the single mother that has the possibility of losing her condo because the condo association WON'T ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY for the defective product,

    and she's shelling constant money out periodically to fix repairs not only to the piping itself, but the walls, wood, paint, drywall, wallpaper, carpet, or anything else that when the piping busts, it does damage.

    These victims have a voice in their situation....life interrupted is exactly what it is.

    To mickey,

    Unfortunately it sounds like there was a decision reached in the court system that didn't have allowances for larger homes and costs incurred. I would NOT go with the thinking of leaving the pipe in. All of those connections will be a sight to see along with the possibility of more leaks at any connection.

    Since major demolition would be needed to replace your system, take the shortcut ( a risk you have to take....and knowing what flavor of PEX isn't failing right now ) and repipe the house with minimal damage to structure.

    Try to keep it under the confines of the settlement amount, THEN SELL THE BUILDING.

    Get as far away from the responsibility of that piping system before it fails. Otherwise the "twice bitten" bug is coming to get you.....and you have only to blame yourself for stalling.

    Keep up the good work gary, chain posting and trying to dispute the reality of these failed systems keeps this subject matter in top view and priority. I'm all for it and keep up the good work.

    I'm sure there is a consensus can be drawn that my intentions in these subject matters are of the concern that people/homeowners are getting the short end of the stick in these situations.....and I'm all for protecting them with getting them the info they need to make INFORMED decisions before buying a property that unknowingly might have one of these failing systems.

    There's a value to that information...that's why I'm doing the deed to help. Thank you too gary. It wouldn't be fun without ya. I look forward to your rebuttal! :hugs: :kisses: :holdshands:
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