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Thread: Is there a class action lawsuit against Kitec piping?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RUGGED
    How did I know you was going to post your quarterly reports for me?

    FYI, I don't own nor have any financial stakes in any forum website; just admin and moderate. I left the site you speak of months ago because the owner refused to switch to Vbulletin like I asked for.

    Do a check on your member list on your site...along with any other phpbb forum base and you'll see that you have tons of spammers just dying to get on your boards and link out their product.

    If it works in your head that you "think" I called the shots on your removal, go ahead. Still can't figure out why you think sites I wasn't even a member at (2 of them) had anything to do with me.

    I gotta go,

    I got other issues right now, issues about my new $59 microwave NOT cooking my corndogs fast enough. Priorities folks.......priorities.
    Steve, it's all due to your superb smarts.

    Along that topic, quarterly is three months, not monthly.

    So you don't own and/or operate, you just admin and moderate.... and pretend to be imporant. LOL The fact is that you set up a new forum and there has been not one post by anyone but you (admin).

    I think you pretend to be a service plumber too but at least you don't call yourself a Master plumber like you used to. It's guys like you that give plumbing a bad rap. Here's a sample of your plumbing and it took you FIVE HOURS!!! You owe those people a refund. Use the Next and Prev buttons to see all of it.
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