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i agree with Master plumber Mark, that this thread smells fishy. Welcome to the World's Friendliest Plumbing Shower and Remodeling web site, but still I find it hard to belive that the man named Ultimachi hasn't called Kitec or Ipex to talk to them, and then told us about it. The pictures are grainy, he hasn't described them, and we can't see in 3D what the problem might have been. When he said he had been without water for two weeks, it was more like six weeks since his first post when he already had the problem. He didn't say which city he is in; yet he would like to know about liability in real estate transactions (which varies based on local law). His description of what the Warranty compnay has said, is sketchy. His description of what the plumbers have said, is bare-bones. I find it hard to believe that a plumber would lie, or fabricate an answer, about what he can do when sent out by a firm that would track him later.

That'll be enough. For the record.

I hope the Kitec Ipex people, who are being blasted the most here, manage to get a word in somehow. The fittings that were recalled is a known issue that the firm faced up to readily, as far as I am aware.

If I'm too harsh, forgive me in advance; no warring please. PM me.


I don't get it.....you think I would sign up on a plumbing site just to lie about my pipes busting? And a plumber wouldn't lie? Maybe not, but what it looks like is that none of them wanted anything to do with repairing this piping. They suggested a complete repiping of the whole house. To me it seems that they don't want to jeopardize their business by repairing faulty piping, which I totally understand. I'd be the same way.

Now I'm speaking to one of the attorneys handling this class action lawsuit. He's sending me all the paperwork needed to get in on the lawsuit. He stated that my house will have to be repiped.

What do you want me to explain about the pics? I told you guys what happened, and took pics of the damage. You're sitting here jumping to conclusions without any evidence to backup your accusations. I'm here to get some advice and input from people.....not to troll around and make fake threads about my water pipe blowing out in a barely decade old house.

As far as Kitec getting a "word" in about their product......who cares? The fact that between 35,000-50,000 homes in Las Vegas, NV alone are affected by their crappy pipe fittings makes any "word" they say redundant. And as far as speaking to Kitec....no I haven't. I tried looking everywhere for some type of contact info, but to no avail. I even called the number in the link for Chuck Walters and left a detailed voicemail.....never received a call back.

Anyways, I appreciate everyone that helped me out. I will still refer back to this thread in the time being for new advice.