I recently just bought my first house a little over a month ago. One of my water pipes blew and flooded the house while we were asleep. The home warranty company sent out a couple plumbers to fix the problem, but both say that this Kitec plumbing has been recalled and is not repairable. They state that the whole house needs to be repiped.

Now the home warranty will not cover the cost of repiping the home.....but they also won't approve the repair of this pipe due to the manufacturers recall. They say it has to come out of pocket!!! I also spoke to the homeowner's insurance and they will cover all the damages from the water to the rest of the house.

So what can I do? Is there a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer? The home warranty company stated that alot of people have filed lawsuits against this manufacturer, but they won't give me any details. I'd really appreciate some direction towards a solution.