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Thread: PEX - Commercial & Institutional Plumbing Applications

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    Question PEX - Commercial & Institutional Plumbing Applications

    Due to the ever increasing cost of copper and energy costs I am considering specifying PEX plumbing piping in selective applications within the buildings for which I'm responsible for designing and specifying the plumbing systems.

    Larger main service lines will continue to be copper, galvanized, or possibly stainless (6">), but design a series of H&CW manifolds throughout the buildings near fixture locations with 3/8" to 1-1/2" PEX runouts to the fixtures.

    Buildings could range from schools, jails, goverment centers, etc.

    Although there are many positives to PEX, I'm still somewhat hesitant to begin specifying PEX unless its sucessful can be documented on similiar types of projects. There is really no reasoin to believe that it would not perfrom well. However, as I understand it, PEX has predominately been used in the housing market in the past.

    I would appreciate any input (good or bad) that anyone can provide into this new PEX - Plumbing market (at least in the mid-west).

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    I say install miles of it. Put it in and don't look back. Someone will be there to collect twice on the result. The stuff is really terrific<>no complaints whatsoever.
    Read what the end of this sentence means.

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    Talking pex pipe

    I am ok with the pex now too......

    only becasue its far far cheaper than copper that am I useing it....

    I am finding the WIRSBO type pex with the expansioin rings to be the

    best out there .... and it is extremely easy to install......

    I just ran two houses ---retrofitt-- both with pex and it was very quick

    and no one seems to care what it looks like anymore

    I would prefer the copper but economics dictate different and
    everyone else is useing it....

    So......as long as you arent going to be the one responsible for any
    negative results in about 30 years .....I say go for it...


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