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Thread: Water softner experts....

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    Default Water softner experts....

    Hi- I have a G.E. gxsf39e water softner it's about 2.6 yrs old. It softens the water fine (no problems) \, it just seems to regenerate itself every other day and at 32gals per time . It's like doing it 15 or so times a month, does this sound normal or possibily a problem???

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    How often it regenerates is dependant on what you entered as your water hardness number.


    There's the operating manual.


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    It sounds as if it s too small for your needs. The largest softener you can get at a big box store is usually a 1.2 cuft. Larger won't fit in any cabinet model; that's where the resin tank is in the salt tank.

    If you reduce the hardness setting, you will not get consistent soft water, nor remove all the hardness between regenerations.
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    Thanks for replying Gary & Rancher, I do have the manual but it does'nt really referance any troubleshooting for regenerating (but thanks ).
    On G.E. website they say that model is good for a family of 4 (we only have 3), with normal shower usages. The settings goes as high as 110 which is really soft water, and I have ours set at 26. Just a little confused about why it wants to regenerate every 2-3 days, it does'nt sound normal, unless I'm missing something . I have cleaning everything in there and all filters, fittings and even the old salt in the bottom.
    Could this be normal ??? Awesome forum BTW


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