I am trying to drive a shallow well in Clay County, FL (N.E. Florida just Southwest of Jacksonville). We seem to be having a huge problem getting below the 18' point. Once we get there it just stops moving completely. We have tried driving galvanized with a steel point, that just bent. We have switched over to 2" PVC and trucking in water with a pump and jetting out the pipe, it drops to about 18' and just stops like we are hitting bedrock. I stopped jetting on Sunday and checked the water level today (Wednesday) with a string and weight and it seems that the bottom 5' of the pipe is still full of water. Is it possible that this 18' well will produce enough water for irrigation? Shouldnt the water have drained from the pipe by now if it was not below the water line?

Any suggestions on moving through this impossible layer at 18'? We have relocated 2 times now thinking that we were just hiting a rock but the new location is about 20' from the previous location.