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Thread: Sanagloss--anyone have toilets with this finish

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    Default Sanagloss--anyone have toilets with this finish

    I was planning on purchasing toilets with the Sanagloss finish from Toto. However, at one toilet store, the sales woman recommended against it strongly as she said she had found the toilet stained more easily with Sanagloss. Does anyone have personal experience with the Sanagloss? If it is cleaned with something that scratches it, like Comet, and the Sanagloss surface is penetrated, could that lead to worse stain problems than just the regular porcelain finish? Any insights welcomed.

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    Most of my customers that have both, prefer the Sanagloss.

    Liquid cleaners should be used, not comet.

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    In most cases, cleaning the toilets with SanaGloss is just a swish of the brush and it doesn't need it often. My original toilets took a much more agressive cleaning to look good.
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    I bought two Vespins with Sani Gloss. SG was one of my principal requirements as I hoped it would be be noticably easier to clean.

    I have not found that to be the case. It seems about the same as a non-SG finish in terms of collection of deposits and the removal thereof.

    This is not to say that I am disapointed with the Toto. However I bought the Vespin because it was one of the few models that had SG in the color I wanted. I would have prefered another model Toto, but went with the SG. I retrospect,, SG is certainly not enough better to have justiifed it being the purchase driver.

    Live and learn.

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    Sanigloss is Nano technology which is new.

    One meaningful test imo will be IF the natural occuring mineral stain ring (after a year +) is easily removed or not.

    I want to hear from folks after 2 years with the sanigloss.


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