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Thread: Extending a Waste-Supply - Lazy Option?

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    Default Extending a Waste-Supply - Lazy Option?

    Hi there,

    I'm kinda new to all this and hoping that someone may be able to prod me in the right direction. I have decided (read: my girlfriend has told me) that our kitchen sink is to be moved to where "we get the sun".

    It's a nice idea, but it means that there will be no waste pipe where the sink is to be and we have only just tiled the floor.

    Is it possible (I know it wouldn't be ideal) to leave the waste-pipe where it is and trail a pipe extension - through existing kitchen units (would only be through one) to the new location? The plan would be to come up with something like this:

    The reality of the situation, however, is a little less straight-forward, as I would like the pipe to take a few bends and was thinking about using flexible PVC pipe to keep it as close to the rear of the units as possible?

    Does this strike anyone as impossible, or breaching some particular golden rule that I may be ignorant of? Perhaps I'm missing something obvious about pressure?

    Thanks for any help

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