I stayed at a hotel that had a shower head that I really liked and when we built our house, I bought a similar head for each of our showers at Home Depot for only $29.95. It was called a Universal Shower Head because it could be made higher or lower as well as swivel all directions. But the HD shower heads had wingnuts that you had to tighten after each adjustment. Two of these heads are in guest rooms and our guests frequently adjust the heads when they visit, resulting in leaks from the joints that spray all over the ceiling.

Rather than give each guest a ten minute training session on the proper way to adjust the shower, I thought I'd break down and buy a higher quality version of this head like the one at the hotel, i.e., one without wingnuts that could be adjusted without creating leaks. But I've surfed the web looking for them without success. The only one I've found was at Restoration Hardware and it only comes in chrome; I need polished brass and RH can't tell me where to find a different finish.

Can anyone offer any guidance on where to find this head. Here's a link to RH's ad so you know what I'm talking about.


Thanks for any help you can offer.