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Thread: what size sewer line???

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    Default what size sewer line???

    current home is approx. 35-40yrs old slab construction and does not have a cleanout installed within 5' after it leaves the slab.
    I dug up the line and see it as hub/spigot cast iron(checked with magnet), but it measures 5" O.D. exactly!??
    I want to cut in a wye but todays modern fittings would leave a lip on the I.D. (ie.,4" Wye)
    I'm really confused as to:
    1. what size line is this? ( I checked a 4" Heavy Wall, but it has a smaller O.D.)
    2. How to accomplish what I need to do.

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    Check the cast iron chart on this page: http://www.gizmology.net/pipe.htm

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    From this chart it appears that this could be Class B(5" OD, 4.12" ID), C or D cast iron pipe , but the problem is matching the ID with
    the fittings you can purchase today. This would mean approx. 1/8" lip on a 4" wye (3.94" ID) that I can get from a plumbing supply shop.
    -This is being done because last year the township cut in a clean out at the curb line and the line backed up a few months later. Now I'm
    realizing that the same issue probably exists there and I thought I would be able to put a smooth transition clean out at the house (instead of
    having to pull a toilet to run a snake).


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