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Thread: GE water heaters

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    Default GE water heaters

    I just came from H**e Depo* andd noticed a signe on a WH that said never buy a WH again.

    I asked about it and came up with their ESP plan. Here is an example.

    50 Gal 12 year gas heater $419.00
    HD instlation $248.00
    ESP plan $99.00

    Total $766.00 plus any up grades and applicable tax.

    The ESP plan covers any repairs after the MFGR. labor warrenty expires.

    As long as you own the heater they will fix it or replace it if it can't be fixed free of any part or labor charge even beyond the 12 years, as long as you own it.

    So for maybe $800.00 + you get 50 gal. gas heater installed with lifetime repair or replacement. It beats the leasing deal.

    How do we deal with this??????
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    Talking be happy .....dont worry about it.....

    they are playing a numbers game.......

    gambling that you will move before their are any troubles....

    go back and read the fine print.....

    you will probably find someting aobut hard water voiding the warranty.......

    their is a whole lot of fish in the sea........

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    The warranty may not be transferrable to a new owner. Also, THEY do not keep records, so you darn well better keep all your receipts, warranty papers, etc. if you ever hope to make a claim.

    It is strictly a numbers game for them. They know that the vast majority of people will either move or lose the paperwork, and the number of claims they ever will have to make good on is very low.

    I have told the story before that my parents in MA rented their water heater from the utility co. Did they pay through the nose for that when added up over 40 years? YES. Did the utility replace the water heater within 4 HOURS everytime it went out. YES. Peace of mind: PRICELESS.

    Moral of the story is that extended warranties from reputable companies like HD are like insurance, you pay a price and everone hopes bad things never happen. You decide the value of the peace of mind.


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