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    I would like to mount a new front load washer at counter top height, using new cabinets and counter top. the local salesman tells me that the pedestal made by the washer manufacturer is the only approved mounting system. He claims that the extreme speed of spin in the new washers will necessitate using the pedestal. that is fine with me, however the pedestal does not provide the height we need, and a 29" countertop would.Any suggestions?

    mike kilkenny

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    Bull!! The pedestal is 100% completely optional. The guy sounds like a sleaze. You can put it right on the floor, just like any other washer in the world.

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    If the countertop is sufficant to hold the weight of the loaded washer, I'd go for it.

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    I think if you did not build a special cabinet for it , you would experience vibration issues. Then what do you do if it walks around? Also, if you mount it that high, will the controls be accessible?

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    Your description of your problem is a bit unclear to me. It almost sounds like you want to put the washer on top of the counter, but I don't think you really do. If I have interpeted your question correctly, what you want to do is install this washer so its top is level (29") with the counter top, and the machine is too low as is, and the base they want to sell you won't bring the washer up high enough either. I fail to see how that base will be any better than build your own platform of the desired height, but I do see one potential problem that the salesman already mentioned. An automatic washer (any) can develop some nasty vibrations if a load gets out of balance during the spin cycle. If you slide this machine in to an opening in the line-up of cabinets, like a DW, when the machine vibrates it may slam against the sides of the cabinets. That has nothing to do with height or platform base. You might figure a way to put the machine under the counter top, like a DW, but leave some space on the sides to allow for this vibration, but I have no idea how you could mask the space on the sides to keep dirt out and for appearance.

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    Watching my Kenmore He4t washer come up to high speed is intersting. It'll try, and if it shakes too much it stops, reverses, and generally moves back and forth to try to rearrange the load, then tries again to get up to speed. Eventually, it usually makes it, and cranks it on up to 1300 rpm, which is pretty exciting in itself.

    It's on an officially-sanctioned pedestal, which, if anything, makes it more unstable than sitting on the floor. During its attempts to reach spin nirvana, it will shake up to 3/4 " or so, but hasn't walked yet. I took great pains to level it and adjust its feet for best stability.

    Bottom line: the pedestal is not needed, if you can provide a very substantial base for the thing to sit on. It will need about an inch clearance all around for shaking room. If you do slide it into a cabinet opening, I'd consider a medium-density foam strip around the top to absorb the shakes.


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