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Thread: Whirlpool/shower combination

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    Default Whirlpool/shower combination

    I am replacing a 60 x 42 bathtub/shower combination. It was a fiberglass one piece in a track home. I would like to put in a whirlpool tub/shower combination in a knockdown configuration so I can get all the pieces into the room. Does anyone know a company that makes such an item?
    Thank you, Marv

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    Lots of 60x42 whirlpools, but you may have trouble finding one with premade wall panels. Some designs are suitable for a shower as well, come with a lip, and can have tiled walls built around them. I happened to put in a tub made by www.jasoninternational.com, but many other companies make whirlpools in that size that can be then tiled. You may find one with optional or integrated wall panels, I just haven't looked...I wanted tile on the walls. did it myself.
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    Default tub/shower

    You are not likely to find anything readymade. The demand would be too low, and the number of variables too high for it to be a profitable item for mass production.

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    Check out www.best-bath.com They might have something.
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