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Thread: Toilet Height

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    Question Toilet Height

    Just installed a Kohler Wellworth Comfort Height Toilet with rim height of 16 1/2 inches, seat height 17 1/4 inches to replace a 25 year old American Standard which was close to 20" off the floor. Is there any way to increase the overall height of the Kohler 2", either by spacers between the seat and bowl or between the toilet and floor? Or do you know of another brand that makes a home toilet with a seat height of 19" or 20"?

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    Do a web search on "toilet seat elevator",you'll get a bunch of hits,but most seem to raise the height 3 inches or more.

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    Before you wind up standing up to use the toilet , check out http://www.terrylove.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8085


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