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Thread: Need Cabinet door hardware

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    Exclamation Need Cabinet door hardware

    I've got a couple of new medicine cabinets that allow the doors to swing more than 180 degrees and can potentially bang into the wall. I've looked everywhere, on the internet and the local hardware stores for some type of travel limit but haven't found anything at all.

    Any ideas? I'm hoping to find something that will mount on the inside of the cabinets and won't be too ugly when opened.


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    These people have a big catalog...not sure if they have what you want, but worth a look. www.rockler.com. They do have some stores around, but websales may be easier.
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    It is a matter of mechanics. You must attach the door to the frame to limit motion. I have two large 24 x 30 cabinets that could go that far, but it has never been a problem.They both would hit the wall at about 105 degrees open.

    You could connect a heavy nylon string at the top of the door about 2/3 of the way out from the hinge, and attach it to the inside top of the cabinet about the same distance from the hinge. When the door is open, the string will rise out of the way. The nylon is somewhat elastic so it will be a good shock absorber.

    You could probably use some strong nylon monofilament fishing line, or even a piece of light-weight weed-whacker line if you don't like braided nylon.

    I have seen small brass chains with spring attachments, but the cord will work just fine.

    A device that attaches at the hinge is a poor choice because the forces are so large that you can break something with the lever action of the door. But maybe a spring device would get the operators attention and prevent excessive motion. You may not want something that closes the door when it is partially open.

    Based on my experience, I would try it without doing anything, unless you have rambunctious teenagers who are fighting to get at the mousse.


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