I have a tub / shower combo installed aobut 5-6 yrs ago. Just this Sunday a leak was discovered on the ceiling below.

I had a plumber come today and he charged me 100.00 just to tell me to silicone the faucet area that water got in there. Otherwise he could start cutting into walls to find the leak. He did no diagnostics. After several hours tonight of diagnostics I concluded that it is the drain that is leaking- (I think). All fixtures are dry behind them, I checked. It only leakes - which I can here dripping from the celing below- when the water is in the tub and the drain is stopped.

I am pretty sure it's the drain plug ? I removed the metal cover just for detail and i siliconed around it however after even that I put in an inch of water or so, flicked the switch for the drain and went down stairs and started to hear the slow drip. one drop every 5 seconds or so.

My questions are should i resilicone - maybe it didn't work because i only let it dry an hour. i know i know. Or should i buy the dumbell wrench and buy a new drain and remove and replace. Your help would be deeply appreciated as well as my daughters college fund since i was told today the next step would be to start cutting into walls to find the leak or 800.00 to replace the drain.

- thank you

ps - it is an Aquaglass one pice shower tub combo.