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Thread: acrylic vs vikrell

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    Default acrylic vs vikrell

    Sorry if this has been asked before. Im looking at purchasing a Sterling 42 x 34 shower module. It is made of Vikrell. I have never heard of this. I assume it is not as good as acrylic but better than fiberglass. Is this true? Also im 250lbs will this hold up? thanks for any help.

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    Not sure what that material is. Might just be a brand name, and could be acrylic.

    The big key to a long-term life of one of these things is to embed the bottom of the thing in a bedding material. This could be mortar, or one of several other things. Read the installation instructions to see what they recommend. The idea is to fully support the bottom of the tub so that it doesn't deflect and eventually get stress cracks. A piece of paper on a slab of granite is quite firm. Stick it over a hole and press, and it flexes. Same idea with the tub.

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