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Thread: Not enough water

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    I have a 2hp sub. pump with a presurized bladder tank. In the past i could run my lawn irrigation system and have plenty of water in my house to wash cloths, take shower etc. I can no longer run my lawn irrigation not enough water/pressure to run the sprinkler heads,and hardly any water running in house with the irrigation system on. When I trun the irrigation off i have suffient water in my home. Last night I replaced my pressure switch ( 40-60psi) I thought that was was my problem. Irrigation system and water in my house ran good for a while, but went back to the same problem. Anybody have any ideas whats causing my problem?


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    It could be the water level in your well has dropped, it could be a plugged well screen if you have one. Your pump could be damaged. Lot's of possibilities.



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