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Thread: In Line Chlorinator?

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    Default In Line Chlorinator?

    Hi Guys,

    Currently some people are working on our well which has been out since Sunday. It seems the (submersible) pump needed to be replaced as it was shorting. I do not actually have to pay for this service as technically the well does not belong to us, but to the shop behind our house with which we have a water well agreement (we provide the electricity and we use the water, something like that).

    Anyway, we have been having some problems with bacteria and some suplhur smell, though not too bad. However, even though the water really seems very clear when it comes out of the faucet, we do have some problems with the water turning bathtubs, toilets, and our washing machine red. I don't know if it is actual rust or iron/rust bacteria.

    Since we don't own the well, and since I am more worried about lethal bacteria than a red washing machine, I would like to know if there is a low-cost solution that would allow me to introduce chlorine in an in-line fashion (by digging up the water line on my portion of the land). Is it possible to put in an in-line chlorinator of some sort that would drip chlorine into the water relative to waterflow, that I could then filter out again before it enters the house (carbon filter)?

    Thank you for any suggestions.


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    It is possible to put in a water meter that will generate a signal to a chlorinator pump.

    You should have a water test. If there are coliform bacteria, that needs to be dealt with by disinfection. If it is caused by work on the well, the well can be treated. If it is present in the source water, then it must be treated to ensure that you and the other users get safe water.

    The best system would be to put the chlorinator at the pump control site.


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