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Thread: does anyone make "bubble" shower doors?

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    Default does anyone make "bubble" shower doors?

    My bathtub has a shower stall conversion (sliding doors attached to tub rim) which I like fine, except that it is just a little bit too narrow for me when I am in it taking a shower. I rent the house I live in so my options are limited. However, I'd be willing to pay $100 or so to buy new doors to fit in the existing frame if the new doors would provide a few inches more width in the center of the shower. I've never seen such in stores but I can easily envision what I want - instead of flat glass, the doors would have a bulge outward, or "bubble", of a few inches. I realize this would prevent the doors from opening flush with each other, but the offset should be no more than an inch or two, it seems, and I estimate I have at least 3 inches to spare in this regard. And the doors don't have to be made of real glass if that is a problem, plexiglas would be fine.

    Has anyone seen something like this?

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    I have never seen anything like that and would guess if you could have it made it would cost well over $2000.00 to have one hand made.

    It might cost less to have a 36" tub and regular doors installed.

    Maybe someone has seen what your looking for.

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    I am not a plumber, but, this might help. Bed, Bath and Beyond, sells a shower rod which extends out in a U shape. The shower curtain would hang out extended yet, be in the tub. I wonder, if this might give you the extra few inches you need, all you would have to do is not close the door you got there and hang the curtain plus, the rod. Or maybe, take the doors off, if ok with your landlord.

    I hope this might help. If it does, it is a cheap fix, too.

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    I agree with Cookie...taking the doors off is usually fairly easy. The top rail is usually just sitting on the end supports. Store that away, put up a curved curtain rod, and before you leave, put the old doors and top rail back on.
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