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Thread: Noisy Fill of Toto Toilets

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    Red face Noisy Fill of Toto Toilets


    Based on your recommendation of Toto, we purchased 3 Toto Toilets, 1 having a G-Max and the other 2 having Power-Gravity Fill Valves.

    All three have worked exceedingly well over the past 5 years, but now we notice that the toilet with a G-Max fill valve is now very noisy when it refills,
    and are just beginning to hear similar refilling noise on one of the Power
    Gravity fill valves.

    Question: Is there anything that can be done to the valves - outside of ordering new ones and replacing them - to eliminate the noise that is now
    heard when they refill ?

    Is this a common occurrence - after 5 or more years of use?

    Many thanks,

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    There is a $2.50 part that may need replacing.
    Lowes carries them on the shelf, a Korky Quietfill replacement assembly cap.
    They can be replaced in less than a minute, without tools.

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