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Thread: Need to install Washing Machine in old basement

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    Default Need to install Washing Machine in old basement

    I need to install a drain for my washine machine in the basement. Problem is the old cast iron only has two cleanout caps (one vertical and one horizontal) and clearly was never meant for adding anything. I have already removed the 1st cleanout cap above the main house trap (there was water in the bend so I assume it is the main trap) and I was planning on adding a Cast-Iron/PVC adapter using Oakum and plastic lead. I would then bring a PVC 1 1/2" pipe over about 2-3 feet and into a trap with would then lead up above the height of the Washing machine.

    Is this a bad idea to add a drain into this trap? I dont have many choices since the old washer drained directly into the bathtub and has rotted out part of the bathroom floor (which is a whole other project for me).

    Any suggestions or comments? Thanks!
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