To save costs in my kitchen remodel, I would like to take care of the laminate countertop myself. I can order the laminate in fullsize sheets for the countertops. No problem. I've put this down before on small projects and seen it on TV for larger ones (contact cement, carboard strips, roller, etc).

As for the underlament, a few questions.

I'm thinking I would use two layers of 3/4" particle board. $12.95 per 4' x 8' sheet at the Orange Box Store. Rough countertop dimensions are as follows

130" x 25" (<23 sq ft)
62" x 36" (<16 sq ft)
42 x 25" (<8 sq ft)

So, by these calculations I could do it in 3 4x8 sheets! However, I probably don't want a lot of seams in my laminate .... so then I'd be wasting a lot and maybe I could do it in, oh I don't know .... 5 sheets? Better to waste or reuse? Does it matter?

How do I join the two layers of particle board?

Do I build the particleboard in place and then glue up the laminate in place and trim? Or do I build it in place, remove it and glue and trim, and reinstall? Or do I attach the laminate to the particleboard and then trim and install the countertop? What's the best way?

25" depth typical for a 24" base cabinet? What about an island w/ an overhang? 36" deep or 37"?


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