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Thread: claw foot tub shower addition

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    Cool claw foot tub shower addition

    I am looking at purchasing a home that has a claw foot tub. The problem is the tub has no plumbing for a shower. The plumbing for the tub itself is easily accessible. Can it be plumbed for a shower? How difficult/easy would this be for your average handyman?

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    Default shower

    Doing it is easy. the hard part may be finding the proper faucet with a shower riser and the loop curtain rod that hangs from the ceiling.

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    that's a good point. my wife has an aunt who owns a bed & breakfast with a claw foot tub/shower. i plan on talking to her about the curtain. would the pipe leading to the shower head be regular ol' ugly pipe? do they make decorative(nice) pipes for the application?

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    Yes,special finishes are available.If you do a web search on "Elizabethan Classics" you will see the various types of tub/shower faucets available for claw foot tubs.

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    The next time you're in a hospital, look at the curtains around the beds. They hang from a track on the ceiling. It ain't cheap, but you can buy the track and bend it in the shape of the tub. Then just hang the curtain from the ceiling.

    Speaking from experience, I would spend even more money and either a) buy the special tool used to bend the track, or b) have a pro bend it properly. There may be another option, c) buy one pre-bent, if your tub is a standard shape.

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    Try Clawfoot Supply or if you want to DIY how about bending some 1/2" conduit hung from the ceiling?


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