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Thread: Stray Cats!!!

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    Default Keeping stray cats away


    From experience (of a friend) I can vouch for cats hating the smell of citrus fruit - drop some rind scapings from lemons and the like around the area you want them to leave and they wont go near it for weeks.

    If you really want rid of them (and have few scuples) then paracetamol (as found in regular headache medicine) is incredibly toxic to cats - but its not a nice way to go.

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    I hear that elephant dung will keep dogs away...... my 2 cents....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike50
    I don't know if you heard about Lewis the crazy Cat who was actually placed under house arrest by a judge in Conn. Funny. Poor Lewis.

    Federal judges are crying about their low pay (only $150,000 annually).IMO, too many are in this profession for the money only, and are unfit.
    This is just another example....

    The wild cats - no problem - trap and kill them - political correctness and animal rights be damned !


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