This post has lots of similarity to CJT's of 7/19/06. I have attached (2) sketches as .JPG files showing what exists and what we want to do. Our goal is to make the tiny 2 room bathroom into a larger single room. At the same time we would like to incorporate a free standing vanity with a wall mounted faucet and a claw foot tub.
We like the idea of having the claw foot tub under the window and have positioned it accordingly. Since we are on a concrete slab which we strongly believe is steel reinforced, the only way I think we can do it is to route the drain line under the tub and through the wall under the window. We would put the "P" trap outside in an a access pit with a cover. Does anyone see a problem with this.
We really wanted to put the toilet further to the left but have it situated so its outlet is within the confines of a pit under the tub's present location. Our thinking is that we can dig out under the slab and connect the sewer lines accordingly.
We realize that it will be lots more work when we are relocating the tub and toilet but just want to know if it seems practical. We aren't architects or contractors, just homeowners. We may do the work ourselves subcontracting the more difficult parts.Name:  Existing.JPG
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