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Thread: remove tub drain for crane bath tub

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    Default remove tub drain for crane bath tub

    I am trying to remove a crane bath tub (installed in 1987) for some renos, but I can't figure out how to detach the bottom drain. The overflow was easy, but the bottom drain doesn't seem to pull out or screw out. It is all walled in, so I can't get underneath it.

    There are two photo attachments (from the bottom and top).

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    Your pics may have been too big, and failed to attach. Think the max size is about 50K. Try decreasing the res (not necessarily the size) and try again.
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    Default drain

    It unscrews. but not always "willingly". Sometimes it has to be forced and in other cases it has to be cut out.


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