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Thread: Hair in the drain...

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    Default Hair in the drain...

    Keep an eye on your wife. Mine was cutting her hair recently and made a huge pile of hair in the bathroom sink. I asked if she was planning on putting that hair down the drain. She said, "no, of course not. The drain is closed."

    So I just said to make sure it goes in the trash. Guess what? It went down the toilet instead.

    Women don't seem to understand that there are pipes underneath the fixtures. This was a huge pile of hair. No doubt a clog coming soon.

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    Remember the 3F rule... you're better off leasing.

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    While I would agree that massive amounts of hair don't belong in the drain, at least the toilet has a much larger area. I don't think a clog is a certainty, but I'd "discourage" the practice of flushing large amounts anything such as hair.

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    "Women don't seem to understand that there are pipes underneath the fixtures" Is this the new millennium???

    If you must use the bathroom sink area to cut your hair, trim your beard or whatever, close the drain and cover the whole sink with lightly dampened paper towels. Any hair that falls there sticks to the paper towels and wipes up easily. Then throw it away. We throw the hair outside in the garden for the birds. So, if you ever see a nest that looks like a wig...


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