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Thread: Toilet tank wobble

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    Question Toilet tank wobble

    New member here with what seems like a silly question. After reading everyone’s high praise, I decided to purchase a new Toto Drake toilet and try to install it myself. During installation, I ran into a few problems:

    1) The closet flange was too high (about 3/4" off the flooring). Being that I have little experience in plumbing, I decided to get a licensed professional to lower the flange. To save cost, that is all I had him do. After a few hours, I was able to install the toilet with the wax ring without much trouble. First problem solved (still keeping my fingers crossed here on no leaks).

    2) One of the easiest parts of the installation became the most painstaking; installing the toilet tank to the toilet bowl. I did this carefully -tightening each nut an evenly and a little at a time. I did this until the tank began to touch the bowl. Then it happened. A small creak sound. Sure enough I cracked the tank. I had water everywhere and a cracked Toto tank.

    After purchasing a new tank today, I installed it again but this time tightening up the nuts where the tank does not touch the bowl. The gap is about the thickness of a sheet of paper or two. The good news is that there are no leaks. The problem is that the tank wobbles. I am wondering if other Drake owners out there see this. I personally can't see how the tank would not wobble since basically the only contact point is a sponge-like gasket. It wobbles with just the force it takes to flush the toilet. Just wondering if I should tighten more, leave it alone, or call the licensed plumber?

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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