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Thread: Dishwasher overflow in sink came apart...

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    You're a real piece of work aren't you? Somebody wishes you "a great weekend" and you take it as a sarcastic putdown.
    "You have yourself a great weekend. Words of encouragement not needed but I'll take the kind gesture without the sarcastic connotation implied"
    You must be a barrel of fun and a million laughs to work around.
    Doesn't your arm ever get tired from patting yourself on the back?
    I can rattle tons of knowledge off. I know that hundreds if not thousands of eyes see these words and I really want those who nothing about plumbing to grasp the reality of my words. A meeting for credit hours for one of my many licenses I hold. I love rattling this stuff off. And "rattle you surely do.
    Hey!! Ya got me impressed with all that superior knowledge. Toot! Toot!!
    Can ya play a tune on that horn you're blowin?
    I find it odd that you are a resident expert of another site wandering what a backflow tester is. Every time there is a clogged drain, that is backflow.

    Not so "odd" since backflow preventers weren't part of our local codes untill after I retired in 1988 and about the only time they're mentioned is when they cause a T&P valve to open up because a expansion tank wasn't installed along with the backflow preventer.

    You're correct Rugged, air gaps would take away any chance of backflow contamination but abstinence from sex would prevent, STD's, Aids, unwanted pregnancies and probably put the abortion clinics out of business since recreational sex would be out of the question. And look at how much traction abstinence has with the general public.
    I swear you got to be posting under two names on this site. Now we have pacemakers and abstinence in the same subject matter. Indirect statements like these reinforce the very reason why they have created cross-connection programs

    I guess I just assumed that with all the "knowledge" that you lay claim to that you would be familiar with a "analogy". Sorry! i was in error.

    ""I encourage you to seriously gain knowledge on this important field of knowledge so you can better help those that rely on you in other forums across the web. It will be beneficial to both you and those you imply knowledge to"

    I love this remark. It really highlights your modesty. "I'm chock full of knowledge and you, you better begain to study so some day you can be as smart as I am" I gotta agree here, you're chock full of something but it's not knowledge. You're just chock full of yourself.
    I'm a 80 year old retired plumber. I don't claim the "knowledge" that you profess to have. Only about 50 years experience out in the field. My Daddy owned a plumbing shop and that's where I took my apprenticeship back in the 40's and have worked in the trade ever since. I came on these sites to give back a little of what I've learned and to make my self feel like I stillhave something to contribute. I don't need to take crap from you or anybody else you superior SOB. So you can take your condescending and superior ways and RAM EM, CRAM EM, AND JAM EM where the sun don't shine. (Would that constitute a "backup"?)
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    Boy, I really started something here!

    All this red ink is making me dizzy!!

    I used to work in a restaurant washing dishes with a bunch of friends of mine who were very young and irresponsible. In a commercial setting like that you can't have too many regulations. Besides, the dishwasher is used hundreds of times a day.

    In a house, condo, apartment, etc., the dishwasher is used about once a day. Furthermore, when there is a sink backup, there are usually a few dishes, glasses, silverware, or pots and pans in the sink when that happens. These items then become contaminated. There is no rule or regulation about what someone must do in this case. Yet, we tend to muddle through without one. We don't lick the crud off with our tongue, become infected, and die. We wait 'til the backup is fixed and we throw them in the dishwasher. Or we go to another sink to clean them.

    It's been my experience that government rules and regulations, and the enforcement of such, increases with each passing day. So, the fact that high looping of dishwasher drains is allowed in Michigan and Florida, and New Mexico (where I currently live) tells you that it is not a problem.

    What is a problem, is when the little hole in the garbage disposer where the dishwasher drain comes in gets plugged up with gunk, and the dishwasher drains completely through the air gap onto the counter and onto the floor and onto the ceiling below. Now that's a problem that used to come up all the time, but doesn't anymore. Talk about a mess!!

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    I'm not 80 years old, daddy didn't give me the business. I don't come here to "spout off" as you indicate. I recall you taking interest in my statements and you replied in jargon that I've offended you greatly, and apparently I've ruined your weekend as well.

    I'm well versed on the subject matter on backflow/cross-connections/nascar/backflow devices. Why not share this with a community eager to learn. You take it as "gloating" and I take it as "informing". You asked me to provide a slew of answers to your questions and I gracefully replied. Apparently you think this is a pissing match to see who wins, it's not. I'm throwing out there what I've learned, not what works in my back yard.

    Even though Backflow devices are designed to protect the user(s) of whatever plumbing fixture is being used, whether directly or indirectly, Case histories are still climbing every day/week/month/year.

    Product failure, Incorrect installation (even by licensed plumbers) and comprising circumstances due to enviornmental or geographical incidents can lead to non-protection.

    #1 cross-connection I find in nearly every home I visit to do work in?

    3 foot garden hose connected to a laundry tub faucet hanging below the flood-level rim of the fixture it serves. No vaccum breaker and even a slight pressure change can draw contaminates right into that hose if the situation presents itself.

    I always mention this to my customers. Do I care they ignore my advice? Nope. Not my health at stake. All I want to do is my best to inform others of the hazards.

    So, speedball1, I have a great deal of respect for my elders whether they are in the profession or just in everyday life. I listen to those who know more than me since the history of their lives gives tons of experiences to learn from. Never once do I feel "above" anyone on this forum or in general life itself. What I basically preach to others in information trading is generally knowledge that has been applied for all areas of the community. At times I'll slip and state something that might not be code in another state. Whoops se daisy, axe me and throw stones. I know on this issue with the Air Gap though that the thread poster has a Air Gap. For some reason it must of been code at one time in that area because it's there.

    I applaud those who gave good knowledge on how to fix the problem. I have a problem when someone comes into a conversation and tells the thread starter "just high loop it, works for me for 40 years, it will work for you too."

    If I performed my work duties by following some of the "experts" that make a point to drive their implied knowledge because it worked them for all these years, I'd be in a sad state of affairs and I would be dishonest in my profession.

    I've chosen to follow my education and best convey it to others with good benefit. Doesn't make me special at all like you want it to be. Let the drama continue but you've thrown this off-topic and have taken it personal.

    Next time you approach someone in a thread regarding subject matter of backflow, please know more than just this:

    Not so "odd" since backflow preventers weren't part of our local codes untill after I retired in 1988 and about the only time they're mentioned is when they cause a T&P valve to open up because a expansion tank wasn't installed along with the backflow preventer.

    Backflow Prevention has come a long LONG way since 1988, and there is more than just T&P issues when regarding the subject matter.

    Take it easy old man, I'm thinking your hj's relative. (hj likes me, he sharpens the pencil the same way I do on these forums) I'm well beyond the "I'm better than you" crap that these forums sometimes create.

    It's all in good taste until someone takes it personal and I'd rather spend it doing something useful like information trading rather than argue.

    Sorry I raised your blood pressure and ruined your card game. Keep on contributing to a good cause (internet forums) like a select few of us do. It's addicting and sometimes you meet someone that crawls under your skin for whatever reason it has. It's just plumbing. Someday we're all replaced. Hopefully those who take in our shoes offer the same instinctive traits to help others when they don't have the funds or simply want to better themselves.

    I'm all for that last statement, otherwise I wouldn't consistently help others fix their plumbing problems without pay. I do need money for the dinner I paid for at the chinese restaurant I took my 3 nieces and 1 nephew to. $65 and I was hungry two hours later! Not Fair!!!
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    Read what the end of this sentence means.


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