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Thread: Poly Pipe - 1" vs. 3/4"

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    Default Poly Pipe - 1" vs. 3/4"

    I had planned to use 1" poly pipe to distribute the water around my small piece of acreage, with a max run of up to 500 feet or so. Problem is, I can't find 1" poly in anything longer that 100' pieces. And the thought of burying all those pipe connections (with their potential to require redigging if they should ever leak) just doesn't work for me.

    So I'm thinking of stepping down to 3/4" poly pipe, which I can find in abundance in long rolls. So my question:

    Is there a significant disadavantage or flow difference to the 3/4" pipe vs the 1"? In my situation (a weekend cabin), I normally won't have very high demand. And at the farthest end of the line I'll be running nothing more than a sprinkler.

    Also, are there some other places I should be looking for poly pipe? I've hit the local Lowes, HD, and Tractor Supply, already.


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    For a 500' run if you are going a pipe size of 1" should be O.K. for just running a sprinkler but how many you run at 1 time may change things. Also your incomeing water pressure will have a factor on the pipe size needed. You may want to consider 1.25" or 1.5"

    Are you on a well?

    You can find 300' and 500' rolls at any good plumbing supply house. You will still need buried connections where each yard hydrant is and any branch spot.
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    Thanks. Yes, I am on a well and have a pressure tank with pressure switch set to 40-60 psi. This is a weekend cabin setup so I don't have a high water demand, and the important outputs (shower, sink, etc.) are all within 75 feet of the pressure tank.

    At the far end of the run will just be a sprinkler for the garden, but I want to minimize the number of connections I have to bury, and possibly dig up in the future if any of them fails. I'll look around my area for a plumber's supply.

    I live in northern Virginia. Any readers know of a plumber's supply in this neck of the woods?

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    Pump supply houses have PE in 100, 200, 300 and 500' rolls and can get 1000' if you want it. Double oppose the hose clamps and use the proper torque tee handle wrench and there won't be any fitting leaks. I suggest usng 160 psi rated tubing and keeping sharp rocks unde/off it.
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