I have a 90% completed bathroom remodel that that I'm trying to finish on my own (I can hear the "uh-ohs").

Marble-slab was used for the floor and shower walls. The glass fabractor/installer will not install their glass enclosure and door directly onto the marble floor. They're requiring me to construct a water-barrier for the glass enclosure and door to be installed on.

The recommended solution from the glass installer is to mount and tile 4x4s to the floor. I don't believe an adhesive product exists to securely bond wood to marble, so I'm thinking I have to drill holes through the 4x4s and into the marble floor for mounting bolts (whatever type those might be).

My questions are: 1) How difficult is it to drill holes in marble and 2) what type of bolts should I use?

I really appreciate any help/suggestions that may be posted.

Have a great summer!