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Thread: Toto and sweating

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    Question Toto and sweating

    I really want to buy a couple of the Toto GMAX toilets for our new house, but I understand that Toto doesn't offer any models that are insulated to prevent sweating. Anyone know why that is? Everyone I've talked to insists that we buy insulated tanks and that installing a foam insulation kit isn't worth the trouble, either in installation or in actual wear. We have well water and live in Maine to boot, so I know we're going to be subject to sweating tanks.

    Can anyone recommend another kind that might work equally well but has an insulated tank? One thing that appeals to me about the Toto is the quietness; I place a high premium on that. We had one in our Boston hotel room last month, and it was great. Never thought I'd be impressed by a toilet, but there you go.


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    Default Insulated tanks for the Toto Drake

    Toto makes insulated tanks for the Drake model.
    The tank for that would be the ST743SD.

    I don't know that you need the insulated tank tough.
    Since it's a 1.6 gallon toilet, it uses just some of the water in the tank.
    Unless you flush it three times real quick, you won't be draining the water out all at once. The water that stays with the tank should become warmer than the water from the tap.

    This anti-sweat valve works with all toilets.
    Condensation occurs when warm, moist air comes in contact with a colder surface.
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