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    After reading everything I could find related to the subject here at this site I thought I'd ask a couple of dumb questions

    Since I am new to well systems this started as an exercise in trying to figure out if there was a way to get better water pressure to my garden but in the process I have more questions

    Since we didn't put in the well (it was here when we bought the place) I'm going off of the information on the control box and pressure switch, so as near as I can tell this is what I have supplying the water system in the house:

    Franklin Electric pump?
    plate says 1HP, 230V, SF 1.4, 3450RPM
    Square D 30/50 pressure switch
    Well-X-Trol WX 203
    Hydro-pneumatic tank
    (about the same size and shape as the WX-203)

    First, the system appears to be working ... the pressure in the garden is a little better after I adjusted the cut-out pressure so that the pump stopped at 50 (cut-in was already at 30 but it was stopping in the low 40s) ... now it is cycling between 30 and 50

    Currently it supplies about 9 gallons of water between pump cycles which may or may not be right but I don't know what to expect ... so my first question is whether that is reasonable?

    Second ... I've noticed that the bladder tank never appears to have any water in it (always very light) ... is this because the hydro-pneumatic tank is holding the water? (or because I'm halucinating)

    Third ... since I'd still like to improve the water delivery to the garden I was wondering what would be the best option? Can I safely raise the pressure in the sytem to say 40/60? and/or install a cycle stop valve to maintain a constant pressure (and save on starts and stops)?

    Fourth ... do I really need the hydro-pneumatic tank? It's pretty rusty on the outside after 30 years and I'm concerned about what's on the inside

    Thoughts anyone?

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