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Thread: Am I alone?

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    Default Am I alone?

    This forum is like crack.

    I find myself checking it at almost every free moment I have. I can't stop. And since I'm not the most frequent poster, my guess is I'm not alone in my addiction. Someone please confirm!

    I'm starting to think I'm sick.

    Cookie, where are ya, Ma'am?! Gimme a hug!!!
    (important note: I'm not a pro)

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    I'll agree to that. I do not contribute since my knowledge level is quite low, however I read this forum like crazy. I am a first time homeowner in a 50 yr old home with quite a bit of fixin to be done. The knowledge you can pick up here is great and I appreciate all the pros and seasoned vets for the lessons.

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    Worse than crack. (Disclaimer: I have not tried crack, just as I am not a professional in any of the trades I offer advice on. As someone else says, though, it's worth every penny paid.)

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    well, i'm here... but just like the rest... i seldom do posting too! I only read anything posted in here if I needed extra help.

    so it means you're not alone.... could it be that i'm sick too?

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    Count me in -- startlingly addictive! I too end up checking it several times a day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveW
    Count me in -- startlingly addictive! I too end up checking it several times a day.

    It gets worse. I post/read up to 4 boards--different topics. lol


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