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Thread: Well pump shut off/ water sensor

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    Default Well pump shut off/ water sensor

    Is there anything available that can be used to shut off the power to a well pump when water is sensed on the floor? I've had two instances over the past five years where a major leak developed in a utility room which led to the total destruction of the downstairs flooring. In both instances if the well pump shut down upon sensing water on the floor the damage would be non-existent.

    Thanks for any help!


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    How about a bilge pump switch. They work for boats.


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    I know they make such a device but I can't remember what it is called. Might could make one using a Warrick liquid level relay. Don't remember the number but it is the intrinsically safe model. Means it won't shock you. Two probes in the floor make contack through the water, pump shuts off same as if a tank were full.

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    I believe you could adapt the following to your situation:


    This device is for a water heater shutoff valve to activate when water is sensed under the water heater. This would usually be when a failure in the water heater occurs. I would think that you may be able to adapt this to your well pump.

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    That WH shutoff is a neat device, but it only does half the job. You also need to shut off the WH heating element (if electric) as well, and (I suppose) the gas supply (if gas). In the well-pump case, all you need to shut off is the electricity.

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    Wouldn't the heating element or gas burner shut off automatically once the flow of water is stopped? I'm sure I'm probably not correct on this, but, the kit as sold is designed to stop the flow of COLD water to the hot water heater which would keep feeding the WH in case of some sort of failure in the HOT piping side, or if the pressure relief blows.

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    Thanks for the info...I'll check out the water heater valve.


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