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Thread: Do we need a new sewer cleanout cap?

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    Question Do we need a new sewer cleanout cap?

    We recently purchased a home where the sewer cleanout has a cap that looks like black plastic and it is not a solid cover but is slotted so rain or dirt and who knows what else could get in there. I noticed on walks around my neighborhood everyone else has solid metal-looking caps (our caps are all in the front yards). For what purpose would our house have a slotted cap and should this be changed? I think our home inspector told us it was illegal to have a slotted cap. Is it hard to remove this cap and where do we buy a new cap? Should we have our main sewer line snaked in case the slots let all kinds of dirt and sediment into our line?

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    Default cap

    It should simply unscrew and you can get a replacement at almost any hardware or "big box" store.

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    If you haven't had drainage problems, then (if it were me) I wouldn't pay to have it snaked. I would, however, confirm that you are indeed looking at your cleanout before you replace the cap.
    (important note: I'm not a pro)

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    Are you sure your not looking a t an area drain that goes to a drainage ditch or storm sewer?


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