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Thread: Double fixture fitting inlet length

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    Default Double fixture fitting inlet length

    Is there a minimum length requirement (UPC) between a double fixture fitting and closet flanges used for back to back toilets. Another thread alluded to this. I wish to use a 10" rough-in toilet on one side which puts the length from centerline of toilet flange to centerline of DFF vent at about 12.5".

    Is this wrong? Thanks,


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    to get feedback, of higher quality, and more complete, and faster, post a diagram or two, and keep refining them. Stick to one thread and post a link to that thread in all the other threads you start or post to.

    I have back-to-back toilets. They are wall-mount with Geberit carriers. May not be much that is useful for you to know. To connect the two, a Master plumber used one Wye and one San-T, whic is permissible since venting comes down from above and vents the first one, the San-T, and then the Wye is emptying into an already vented stack. The only other optin I had was to buy a back-to-back fitting from Geberit for this, but that i repeat was for wall-mount rear-dischareg toilets, not necessarily relevant to your situation but still good to know.



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