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ABQ does freeze on occasion...the vacuum breaker is the weak point, and is the first thing to go if there's a hose on the bib and it does freeze.
Yes it does freeze here, we actually live in the mountains outside of Albuquerque. -28 degrees this winter but that set all kinds of records. Normally it will get down to about 10 degrees above zero, maybe. However another of these pieces of junk just started leaking today. It has been above 65 degrees every day for months, hitting up to 101 during the day. So it did not freeze. They just fail. I turn the water on and there is a leak above the hose in the recess of the adapter. I think the internal working eventually fails.

As far as replacing the bib, that will cost around $250 each and we have five of them. Plus it means cutting into the interior wall with all the patching needed for four of them, one of which requires removing the kitchen sink and cabinet to get to the pipe. BUMMER.