My husband just installed a Toto Drake, regular height, elongated bowl. (bowl model #C744S ) The man at the store told him they only sell the Softclose seat but said if anyone ever sits on the toilet when the lid is closed it will damage the sensor and break the seat. So my husband bought an elongated seat that was supposed to fit all standard elongated bowls. Well, the seat extends past the edge of the bowl on the front and extends past the sides of the bowl that are near the front of the bowl. I looked at the spec sheet on Terry's site and it lists a non-Soft close seat but it says it is open front, which I don't want. It seems to me that an open-front seat will look too much like a public bathroom, and not be as comfortable. So I am wondering if anyone knows of a specific brand/model of an elongated seat that has a closed front that fits the Drake?

Someone recently posted that a Bemis softclose seat with easy lift-off seemed to fit their Drake, but I am not sure if that means that seat would have a sensor that would break if someone sat on the toilet with the lid closed. I am also not sure if that seat is closed front, plus I am wondering if the easy lift off lids mean that your toilet seat often goes loose at the bolts and wiggles around on the bowl?