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Thread: From bad to worse, more remodel woes

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    Default From bad to worse, more remodel woes

    Ok, so we thought we were home free with the plumbing til we went to hook up the bath drain this am. This is what we found. This pipe at the end of the purple line is busted, with the treads busted off in the piece above it. The problem we face is the lack of room to spin and turn to get stuff off, so whats the easiet way to do this? Thanks for any help!!

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    ok update. Touched that pipe and it fell right off, leaving rusty threads stuck in both of the T pieces. Can't seem to bust that bottom tee off the lower pipe in addition to not being sure how to take care of the upper part.

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    Two large pipe wrenches should allow you the leverage to back the lower tee off enough to work on the broken pipe inside, and you can already get at the inside of the upper tee. You need to cut and pry the broken ends out of the tees. If you work carefully, you won't damage the tees' threads so much they won't seal with pipe dope. Now I have a question. What in the world is that bell shaped piece attached to the upper tee? Perhaps one of the pro plumber can ID it, but it's sure a strange looking thing to me.

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    You need to get in there with a sawsall and cut everything out that is galvanized leaving enough to attatch a banded coupling on to it and replace as much as you can with PVC. Go as far as you can go with the PVC.

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    Talking sharp steel cutting sawzall blade

    Thats a fun one

    and Cass is !00% right

    it looks like you could cut that pipe off above the floor
    behind inside the acess panel

    cut out that nasty old tee too.....

    get yourself some fernco fittings and just rebuild

    the whole thing with pvc and a trap

    be sure to wear a hat cause you are gonna get

    some FUNK spattering all over the place when you

    cut out that Drum Trap

    Also take out that GLASS panel or it will be covered in FUNK

    lay some shets up there or yo u will probably

    be spending more time cleaning up the mess

    than the whole plumbing job took....
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    Thanks guys, just got back from HD with what we hope will fix this up. The threads inside those T's are completely shot, and we cant get the T busted off so we got a compression fitting for the bottom pipe, bought all new pvc tees and stuff and a new trap. Fortunately the pipe up through the floor is still behind an open wall so we are going to cut that and tap into that above the floor. I'm probably not explaining it right but it all makes sense when I see the pieces together.

    Gary, That strange thing, are you talking about the trap?

    Mark, thanks for the tip about the glass (actually plastic I think) and the gunk. Would not have thought of that and woulda had gunk everywhere! Fortunately its the basement and the floor is cement!

    Will come back later to let you know if we succeeded or if we need more help. You guys are the best. I just might get to take a bath in my new tub tomorrow after all! (carefully of course, cuz we sure arent going to have time to get the tile on!)


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