Hello all. I'm designing a shower where I plan to have 3 shower heads positioned throughout the shower. I basically plan on having 1 showerhead per wall. I've been looking up various information on thermostatic valves, diverters, and multiport flow valves, but I think I may be overlooking the easiest option.

What I want to do is be able to have each shower heads' flow individually controlled, so I can have any combination of the 3 on at any time.
What I was originally thinking was to have my thermostatic valve feed 3 separate flow controls, which would go to each shower head. Would something like this work? What would the pressure effects be compared to using a diverter or multiport flow valves.

Having 3 sep. shower heads with individual controls would allow for 7 different combinations between them. Is there such a valve that would do this for me, or should I stick to my first idea?