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Thread: drain flange--drip,drip,drip

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    Default drain flange--drip,drip,drip

    hi..just installed new moen bath faucet in brand new vanity top.

    i put putty under drain flange, tightened down gasket ring/washer setup down below and STILL i get slight leak from the flange in sink!

    ok, then i realize the sink manufacturer doesnt advise to use putty because it might damage the finish, ( not that it mattered because the putty didnt work anyway! ) so i switched to white silicone caulking. i applied a ring under the flange and for good measure i put a ring in the sink where the flange would lay. STILL, i get the drip from this area!!!

    before that, i had used a washer under the flange and ,yes, STILL drip drip drip!!!

    my next step is just to put a thin skim coat of clear silicone around the drain flange from the top of sink. how could water possibly seep thru after that?!!!!

    what the heck am i doing wrong???

    thanx for any advice.............mike

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    The leak is comeing from the gasget on the bottom of the lav.

    Loosen the tightening nut all the way down and apply a liberal amount of pipe dope on the threads and gasget then retighten the nut.

    Be sure the tail peice threads have pipe dope on them unless it is one of the one peice plastic pop ups.

    Personaly I throw away the plastic pop ups and install chrome ones.

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    the other thing you might want to check, is to make sure that your drain has an overflow. if it doesnt, and the sink is not thick enough, you may find that the overflow holes in the drain body, protrude from the bottom of the sink, and water that runs down the drain, can also run out the holes.

    also, another thing. if the gasket under the drain is being tightened into the sink, and the hole in the sink isnt totally round, then when the mounting nut is being tightened, it can pinch the gasket and pull it away from the threads. in which case, take it off, flip it upside down so the bevel is downwards, then tighten back up. sounds way out in left field, but it works!

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    He would know right away if there were no overflow.....

    I think Cass has got it..

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    I had the same issue. A little plumbers putty on the bottom did the trick.


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