Hi All,

I found the forum doing some research on my cranky Kohler 3402PB. Couple of questions if you don't mind.

I can't seem to find much reference to the 3402PB model, only the 3402. Is it normally just referred to as the 3402, or do I have some other variant?

I am rather shocked to find that Kohler is almost entirely unavailable as an aftermarket parts pruchase. It would appear that the rubber plunger inside the fill valve has deteriorated, and is causing a faint but perceptible continuous fill noise. Is it possible to find this plunger by itself, or am I really stuck paying $80-90 for a whole new assembly.

If not, I'm seriously considering taking a shot at replacing the entire toilet with a new one. Appears to be rather straightforward as a one piece unit. For someone only moderately mechanically inclined, any tips.

Thanks, great site too!