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Thread: Tank water running into bowl

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    Default Tank water running into bowl

    I know this is a common problem, but my husband is no handyman and is kind of at a loss. We heard a drip sound in our tank water for awhile, and then would hear water flowing into tank. I knew it was because the tank water was leaking into the bowl. Now, it's worse: tank water is running very slowly into bowl. Finally hubby comes out and says that it's because there's a leak in the gasket, and he has to replace it. Same thing I've been telling him. Anyway, he thinks it's a big job to replace this, but I've heard it's simple. I told him to talk to the people in Home Depot and see. Can a layperson do this repair quickly? Is there a good resource to tell us how, or do we need to hire a plumber? Toilet is a Crane installed in 1995.

    Also, our inground spa uses a cutoff valve that is the same as a toilet one to refill the water. It keeps running, overflowing the spa, so he turns off the water until it gets low, defeating the purpose. How easily can that be replaced? We had it done under warranty a few times, but we're on our own now. Thank you.

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    Default leak

    Buy a new "Korky" flapper. Remove the tank lid. Unsnap the old flapper. Install the new flapper, (you will probably have to cut the piece with the round hole off), Put the tank lid back on the toilet. You do not have to turn off the water or anything else.

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    As HJ said, it is almost always the flapper valve, the thing that lifts up when you push the handle. It gets old and soft. Eventually (can take as little as 6 months or so if you use those tablets in the tank) it leaks. While you are attaching the new one, make sure there isn't a huge amount of slop in the replacement chain - you don't want it draping around and getting caught under the thing. Also, wipe off the seat (the place where it lands and creates the seal) with your finger to make sure it is smooth and free of debris. So, less than $10 and a few minutes, you can do it. A new valve can last anywhere from a few months to many years depending on your water.
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    Before you install the new one, lightly run your finger around the hole that the flapper sits on and feel for any rough spot or bump at all. If you feel some they will break/scrape off useing your fingernail. If you have them and don't do this the new flapper will leak by also.


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