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Thread: Airless Paint Sprayer

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    Default Airless Paint Sprayer

    I've got some jobs lined up that involve painting exteriors of buildings and deck staining/sealing. I've heard good things about airless sprayers, but I've never used one. Is there a decent one for under $200 that works with thick fluids like latex paint and thinner fluids like deck sealer?

    I assume there's a lot of overspray. What's the best way to cover windows and doors, etc., that you don't want to spray?

    And finally, are they hard to clean and keep from plugging up?


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    For professional day in and day out use your going to need to spend between $1,500.-3,000.00 for a reliable machine that will perform for you over time.

    De Vilbiss and Binks are the 2 brands that come to mind that would be reliable, long term, proven, machines. I would stay away from the Wagner DIY type sprayers unless you are just doing a couple and don't care about long term use.

    There should be very little overspray if you have the right tip and the pressure set right and is constant, that will allow you to operated it right.

    Get a reverse tip gun for uncloging your tip quickly and a wip end for the gun.
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    I should have mentioned that I will probably be using the sprayer only 2-4 days a month, since I'm not a painter, just a general handyman. The real cheap Wagner airless has a hopper that holds 2 gallons. So, I definitely don't want that. Wagner has some others in the $200-$400 price range that you can stick the suction part right in the 5 gallon pail. The main difference between all of them is the horsepower, the diameter of the tip, and the pressure, all of which determines the amount of paint (gallons per minute) that will be sprayed on. They all come with reversible tips. There are some factory reconditioned sprayers at a reduced price as well. I'm looking at the Gleem website: http://www.gleempaint.com/airspray.html
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